2013CmasStrollAloha. I’m an advertising copywriter in love with what I do. I spent more than a decade working as a senior copywriter and associate creative director in Southern California advertising agencies before moving to Hawaii. Today I work for mostly Hawaii-based clients, both through agencies and client direct.

But that’s just the superficial stuff. What I’m really about is doing good work. That’s it. Good work. Which means a commitment to creating big ideas and crafting the perfect copy to go along with them. The approach may differ each time, but the purpose is the same. The ad must always sell.

Think of me as your ace salesperson with a pen. OKā€”make that a keyboard.

I love advertising, even with its requisite craziness. Deadlines? I live them. Impossible requests? Done daily.

Most of all, I welcome the challenge of transforming often intangibly stated client information into solid, succinct, selling presentations in all media. Concepts and words that motivate and then compel a reader to do or feel something. Whether it’s to buy a product, think of a company in a certain way or simply become educated.

To see how well my words will sell for you, please contact me today. I’m confident you’ll love what I do.